Le Grand Monarque

At Grand Monarque, you will know the love of quality local products, prepared simply and adapted to our new ways of life. The know-how at your service for a friendly moment on our site or on your site (depending on distance): receptions, cocktail, lunch, brunch case, seminar snack, takeaway.

Lunchtime of the week *:
Lunch formula: Starter Dish Coffee or Dish Dessert Coffee at 17.00 €
Starter dish Dessert at 19.90 €
Evenings, Weekends & Holidays formula :
Starter Dish or Dish Dessert at 19.90 €
Starter dish Dessert at 25.00 €
Starter Dish Cheese Dessert at 30.00 €
The menu of dishes changes regularly in relation to the seasons and the creativity of our Chef.Our beef is French, Charolais label (unless otherwise indicated).
The departmental laboratory service carries out regular and microbiological controls of the food of our establishment. Offer a moment of relaxation & greedy, we will take care to make it unforgettable!
Offer a gourmet gift voucher (15 euros minimum) that can be used for a night and / or for a meal.
Our Chef wishes above all to make you discover and shares his cuisine and offers you a sincere cuisine fresh, surprising and turned to quality products, it combines with the seasons for your greatest pleasure.
His cooking combines tradition and modernity, favoring the gastronomy of the soil.
Our other specialties such as Donzy's Croquets will not leave indifferent the amateurs, who like many travelers will slide in their luggage before their departure, a bag in memory of our gastronomic region.
12:00 - 13:45
19:00 - 20:45
French Price: € 25 Breakfast Lunch Dinner